Boho Bags

Boho Bags or Italian Handbags?

Tips For Buying An Italian Handbag

If you could bring home one piece of clothing or accessory made in Italy, you may want to choose an Italian handbag. While this year’s dress is next year’s rag, a quality handbag will literally look stylish for decades.

Of course, many people take one look at the cost of the better Italian handbags and decide that these bags are simply too expensive. However, if you think about how many times you will be using that handbag over the next ten years and then divide the price of the handbag by that number, you may be surprised to find that a good handbag is actually a better deal than most other pieces of clothing.

After all, if you buy a ten dollar shirt because it is on sale and only wear it twice, it costs you five dollars for each use. A one hundred dollar handbag that you use thirty times only costs you about three dollars for each use. Most people use a good handbag several hundred times a year.

Although Italian handbags come in a range of prices, a top quality calf leather handbag can cost as much as four or five hundred dollars; and even several thousand dollars if it’s from a well-known designer. Although you may not be able to tell the supple soft calf leather bag from a less expensive bag made with cowhide by looking at the bags, you can certainly feel the difference. Calf leather is smooth and flexible.

If you can’t afford a good leather Italian handbag, there are some other choices. The same care and craftsmanship that makes leather handbags so popular goes into the popular soft leather boho bags that are all the rage today.

Finally, be sure you do not buy a handbag that looks like a quality Italian handbag at first glance, but actually turns out to be a knockoff. You’d be much better off investing in gorgeous fringed boho bags that come in a number of stunning colors and designs.


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